Whether you are having guests coming in from out of town or just having guests stay at a hotel for your wedding, these gift bags are a great idea to leave for them when they check-in to their rooms. I actually did this for my wedding and my guests loved them!


Here are 10 Essential Items to include:

1. Bottles of Water – For when they get back to the room and are really dehydrated! Everyone is always thirsty when they get back to their rooms. This is nice because they don’t have to go looking for a vending machine. The worst is when the gift shop (if they have one) is closed too and they can’t even get a beverage. Buy a case of water and stick a few in each bag depending on how many people you are making the bag for.

2. Tylenol / Advil – For their headache or pains from dancing and drinking all night! Most people don’t carry this around with them so they will love you for this. Buy a box of individual packets so you can put a pack or 2 in each bag.

3. Tums / Pepto-Bismol – For their upset stomachs or heartburn! Sometimes the wedding food doesn’t agree with everyone. It’s just something nice to have in the bag so your guests don’t have to suffer all night. You can also buy these in a box of individual packets and put a pack or 2 in each bag.

4. Tissues – For when they cry at your wedding ceremony! They can take this tissue packet with them in their pocket or purse. It’s nice to have in case they get emotional during the ceremony or even if you are having your wedding during a cooler time of the year. Everyone always needs a tissue! Buy the small individual packets and stick one in each bag.

5. Mints / Gum – For the guests’ bad breathe! Just in case they forget to pack some mints or gum for the wedding. They might want one during the ceremony when they are sitting next to other people. You can buy the small tins of mints or the thin individual packs of gum.

6. Snack Items – For when they are hungry after the wedding! After eating at the wedding, some guests might be hungry from dancing all night and just need a little something to satisfy them. Include something sweet and salty. Maybe a bag of chips, nuts, pretzels, something that will fill them after drinking so much too. A pack of chocolate or other candies would be a nice add too.

7. Wet Wipes / Shout Wipes – For a spill or sticky situation! Never know when something will get messy. Your guests might spill something on themselves and just need a wipe to try to clean it up. It saves them from walking around with a stain for the entire wedding! You should be able to find the small individual packs of these as well.

8. Custom “Do Not Disturb” Sign – These are just a fun idea by DIY Wedding to include in each bag. Create your own Do Not Disturb sign for each guests’ room. Use some thick construction paper or heavy stock white paper and you can type up something like “Do Not Disturb – We are recovering from yesterday’s wedding!” It’s a cute idea if you are a DIY person. 🙂

9. Something Local (From your town or state) – Is your town or state known for something popular? It’s just a nice special touch for your guests. If you live near a beach, something like seashells or a little bottle of sand. If you are a sports fan, include something from your local sports team. I happen to be from Boston, so I had to include some candy baked beans in my bags. Check out that awesome Boston bag made by Wedding by Alexis.

10. Something Personalized or Personal to you as a couple – Try to include something personalized or personal in the bag. It can be something as easy as card written by you telling them to enjoy all the goodies in the bag. Or make labels for the mints or a small sanitizer and put your names on them. You could also just put something in the bag that is one of your favorites. If you or your fiance have a favorite snack or small item, put that in the bag and let your guests know that it’s something you both enjoy!

What else you will need:
Gift Bag – Find something that goes along with your theme. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Or if you did want it to be really nice, buy a custom tote bag with your names or the wedding name and date on the bag.
Tissue Paper

Where can you find all these items? The Dollar Tree store or any big box wholesale shop! Especially if you are on a budget. I went to the Dollar Tree and filled a whole cart with most of these items. You can even find some extra goodies you might want to put in the bags for them. You are essentially making your guests a hangover survival kit for your wedding! Trust me they will be talking about it and love you for doing it for them!