Looking for some easy DIY ideas for St. Patrick’s Day? These 3 ideas are perfect!

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Here is a simple centerpiece found on Pampered Chef that is easy and cheap to create! Use trifle bowls or even just a glass bowl. Fill it with green jelly beans, green beads or anything green you can think of! Cut out a black and gold belt with some construction paper to put around the bowl. It will look like a cute Leprechauns hat! If you can find the black pots/cauldrons you can also fill that with beads and gold coins. Try looking on Amazon for the black pots/cauldrons and definitely the Dollar Store for the beads and gold coins. You always need a pot of gold somewhere on St. Patrick’s Day!


Cupcakes are always an easy go to! These cupcakes are so cute I couldn’t help but share them! They are easy to make and perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Make them for your next party for your guests to enjoy! A little green food coloring in your cupcakes and a gold coin to top it off. Use green sugar or green sprinkles to sprinkle over the frosting. They would even be better if you could find a St. Patrick’s Day themed cupcake liner.

Gift for your Guests

A lucky penny! Everyone needs a lucky penny! St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect day to give a lucky gift to your guests. How easy is this idea by See Vanessa Craft? Buy a heavy card stock paper and use the free printable on the website. You get 6 cards on 1 sheet, which is great if you are trying to make a lot. You’ll also need some glue dots to make the pennies stick. Make sure to get some new shiny pennies so that they look good too!

Hopefully, these 3 easy ideas will get you in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit!