Who doesn’t love a good Cinco de Mayo party? The food and drinks are what it’s all about! Here are 5 fiesta worthy Cinco de Mayo menu ideas for your party.

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Uno – Make your own Taco Bar

This is a pretty easy one and always a big hit. Put your own spin on it. You can have chicken, ground beef, steak or even shrimp or fish for your tacos. I’m pretty simple so I like ground beef for my tacos. I wrote a post about this one before for a Halloween party. You can find it here with all the toppings I used. Go to the Dollar Tree store and stock up on all sorts of fun Cinco de Mayo supplies.

Follow this easy checklist:

Dos – Frito Pie Walking Tacos

This is fun for both kids and adults! Buy a bunch of small individual Frito Chip bags. Put them on your taco buffet and let your guests make walking taco bags! Open the bag, put some meat (or you can even use chili), cheese, sour cream and any other toppings. Then grab a fork and dig in! Working in the catering business, I have done this for corporate parties and it is a huge success with everyone.

Here’s a great post on Walking Tacos by The Girl Who Ate Everything:

Tres – Mexican Street Corn

My mouth is watering just writing about this one. Corn on the cob is one of my favorites but when you add some chili powder and cotija cheese it’s irresistible. This is a great appetizer or even side dish for your guests. Little Spice Jar wrote a great blog post and recipe you can find by clicking on the picture.

Quatro – Churros dipped in Chocolate

Sweets are my weakness! Churros dipped in Chocolate are definitely a guilty pleasure and a must have at your Cinco de Mayo party. They are so yummy, especially when they are fresh out of the oven and warm. Then you dip them in warm melted chocolate. You can even spice up the chocolate with a little chili or just have 2 different dips for people to choose from. I found this easy to follow recipe on Just a Taste. Go check it out!

Cinco – Tequila Sunrise 

Every Cinco de Mayo needs drinks! Why not have a Tequila Sunrise and feel like you are sitting on a beach in Mexico? It just looks perfect! Your guests can have the choice of having a Tequila Sunrise instead of having a margarita which is usually another popular option. I love a strawberry margarita myself, but I just love the idea and look of the Tequila Sunrise. Check out this deliciousness on The Pudge Factor. For all non-alcoholic drinks you can go with Jarritos, which is a popular soft drink option.

Now go have a fiesta with all these ideas!