Looking to host your next event somewhere other than the typical hall or venue?

Think outside the box! There are so many places you can host events that no one ever thinks about. Working in the catering and event business I have come to learn about some really cool places I would have never even looked into.

  1. National Park or Local Island
  2. Airport Plane Hangar
  3. Zoo or Aquarium
  4. Museum or Library
  5. Brewery

National Park or Local Island

These are beautiful places to host an outdoor event. Most National Parks or Islands will let you host your event as long as you work with their preferred catering company and pull all the right permits. It can get a bit expensive because you basically are required to have everything brought to the park or the island and set up on site. You also will be required to have Park Rangers and State Troopers attend any catered event which would have to be paid for as well. There are many hidden fees that you won’t see until you request a proposal or priced menu. For example, a preservation fee which is most likely required. Make sure to ask the catering company and any other vendors you are working with about all the fees.

Airport Plane Hangar

This is definitely one of the coolest places I have ever done an event. It’s almost like a blank canvas for you to do anything! Although, that will require you to get all the rentals for your party and could get costly. Most Hangars are private so it is a little harder for someone to rent out but if you work with the right catering company they could have a relationship with one already. You just have to do some asking around to find out who caters to private jets. They are great for large events and definitely have the wow factor! Most of the time you can ask if a plane can stay in the Hangar if they aren’t going on a trip. It’s a great way to really impress your guests with a large scale event.

Zoo or Aquarium

Calling all animal lovers! Most Zoos and Aquariums usually offer some sort of kids birthday party packages which is probably most of their events business. However, this is definitely a unique and awesome venue to have a wedding or any other type of reception style event. Fundraisers and Galas are great for this type of venue as well. Rental prices and fees could get a little expensive because they do have to ensure the safety of the animals and still have staff on site. Check with the event manager to see if they have tables and chairs on site or if you will need to rent them. Most places will either have a room for the events or hold it in long corridor or space where you can view animals. It’s pretty cool to actually be partying with the animals! You also want to make sure you get a list of what is allowed to be taken in and what is not allowed. Most Zoos and Aquariums don’t allow certain things due to animal safety like plastic, balloons, confetti, etc.

Museum or Library

Many large museums and libraries will let you host events in their spaces. These can get very expensive especially in a historic building. However, if these are historic buildings, you can have some of the most beautiful settings for an event. Some of the larger museums or libraries will be more expensive, but if you look into less known places those can be really special! Look into places you wouldn’t normally think of. For example, auto museums, technology museums, school campus museums or libraries, smaller history museums, waterworks museums, etc. Think outside of the standard art and science museums. You’d be surprised at how awesome some of them really are. Like all other venues, make sure to ask what you are and are not allowed to bring in. Ask if they have a preferred vendors list or if you can use the caterer of your choice.


If you love beer and a good time, this is definitely the place to have your next event! This is perfect for a young group or even corporate parties. Breweries are really cool because you can do a tour with all your guests to see how their beer is made. Most of them will even offer tastes of each beer for your guests to try throughout the tour. Ask if they work with any preferred caterers and if they allow outside caterers to come in. Make sure to ask for all the fees associated with renting and bringing outside caterers in. Some breweries will already have a restaurant attached that you will probably have to use anyway for any food. Depending on the type of food you are looking for, they will most likely have menus that pair foods with their beers. You can make it really fun with typical bar type foods like chicken wings, pretzels, sliders, etc.