Everyone always has their favorite decade they wish they lived through. The 1950’s is one of those decades everyone loves! There are so many fun ideas that you can do for a retro 50’s themed party. Some things you absolutely have to include are Rock & Roll records, milkshakes, soda, and a diner theme with checkers. Have fun with it!

Retro Invitations

Start with your invitations and either find something you can create yourself or search for some cheap options online. If you are looking to create something on your own I would say go with something simple like a checker border with a few pictures around the invitation. Something like a jukebox, music notes, records, cherries, anything that reminds you of the 50’s. My go to for buying invitations is usually Vistaprint as they always have affordable and fun invitations. Go with something like these invitations which are only $0.39 cents per invite.

You can find them here: http://www.vistaprint.com/studio.aspx?template=261664_136&ag=True&xnav=HSG_Design_Image&rd=1

If you really wanted to think outside the box for an invitation – why not create one on a vinyl record? This would probably cost you a little more but it is definitely something different and your guests will love them! Look for small 7” records, you can find a 25 pack on Amazon for $18.49. Buy heavy stock white or colored paper of your choice. Then just look for a template online or create your own, cut out and paste the invitation on the record like this one:

Coca Cola Milkshake Centerpieces

I think these are just the cutest idea for a centerpiece done by Party City!

You can create these a few different ways. I have found the Coca Cola glasses in the Dollar store before or even on Amazon if you buy in bulk. You could fill them with candy, which you can buy from Party City or even flowers to make it look like a milkshake. I have seen a few different versions and think they work either way and are very cost effective. Put them on a serving tray like in this picture or you could simply just put them on a large vinyl record as the centerpiece. The serving trays or records can also be found on Amazon in bulk for cheap. You don’t have to do 3 per centerpiece, you could just do 1 and it will look just as good!

Ice Cream Sundae & Soda Bar

How fun would this be at your party? Make your own 50’s diner inspired ice cream sundae or soda. You can even buy some syrups to put in the soda like cherry or vanilla. Who wouldn’t love this? This is great for both kids and adults! Create your own version of this and I bet it will be the biggest hit at the party. Most of the stuff you can buy on Amazon or even find the small plastic bowls and scoops at Party City. Create small tent cards or signs and label each item for your guests. Check out this awesome one done by Hello My Sweet:


Candy Box Favors

If you’re not looking for something too fancy I think a candy favor box would work. They have a cute one on Oriental Trading. Fill it with some 50’s inspired candy like Atomic Fireballs, Hot Tamales, Root Beer Barrels, Bubble Gum, Candy Coins, etc. Anything small enough you can fit in the boxes. If you look around online, you can buy most of the candies in bulk or find a local nostalgic candy store in your area. Or if you wanted to you could also give away the Coca Cola glasses from the centerpieces or sundae/soda bar. Have guests take those home as their favor. Everyone needs a nostalgic Coca Cola glass in their home!

You can find these favor boxes here: http://www.orientaltrading.com/rockin-50s-favor-boxes-a2-13685554.fltr?Ntt=rock%20and%20roll

Hope these ideas got you ready to Rock n Roll for your party!