Throwing a Casino Themed Party for someone? Here are 7 Lucky Ideas to get you started:

  1. Invitations
  2. Favors
  3. Centerpieces
  4. Menu Ideas
  5. Dessert
  6. Decor
  7. Card Box


Keep things simple and still keep your budget in mind. You can make your own invitations which would be fun. You can make it look like a playing card and write up your own invitation. Find a nice card stock in stores or online. You could always go with plain white or ivory – or – you can go with red for something fun! If you are not looking to do all that work though, you can easily find a cheap alternative online. I found really simple cute invitations on Vistaprint that are only $0.39 each for 100 or more. These are perfect time savers and I think well worth the money. Just customize them on the website and get them sent right to you.

Below are a couple invitation ideas from Vistaprint:


A really fun idea is to do a custom deck of playing cards. Put a picture of the guest of honor on the cards, or simply write the name of the party or a Thank You! You can find them on Oriental Trading and have them customized with what you want. They are $13.99 per dozen for custom ones or you can get the standard playing cards for $7.99 per dozen. If you go with the custom ones for 100 guests, it would only cost you about $1.25 per person.

If you go with the standard playing cards it would only cost you $0.72 cents per person. Then you could put a custom sticker or thank you note with the cards.

Here’s the link for the custom playing cards:


There are so many different things you can do for centerpieces. It depends on how fancy or easy you want to go with them. I think a nice glass bowl or vase covers both. You can find them at any local dollar store or craft store. I always try the dollar store first because they are so cheap at $1 each! You can actually find a few other items there as well. I like the idea of filling them with playing cards, poker chips and dice. It makes it really fun looking. Even throw some chocolate covered coins in there to mix it up or red and black marbles as filler!

Each centerpiece would probably cost you less than $10 each depending on how much filler you buy and how big each bowl/vase are. If you are looking to spend a little more money you can also fill them with nice flowers and still go for the same look.  

Here are some great examples of what I really like:

Menu Ideas

Working with a catering company I have always loved coming up with themed menus. It’s really just all about word play. Naming each item something similar to the theme. Some fun names would be something like Black Jack Chicken, Clams Casino, Caesar’s Palace Salad, Golden Chicken Nuggets, Poker Chips & Dip, Show me the money Meatballs, High Steaks, Jackpot Skewers, Lucky Cheese Board, Double Down Desserts, Texas Hold Em Burger, etc.

If you are hosting a buffet set up, make little signs out of playing cards and hand write them or make one large sign and frame it. If you are using a playing card, just cut out a small piece of paper and glue it to the middle part of the card with the name. Or you could just write around the small white sections of the card.

You can also use tent cards from the store or make your own.

Here are great tent cards you can make yourself:


Dessert is always my favorite part of the meal! Cupcakes and cookies I think are always the safe way to go. Of course, there is always cake too! For a casino themed party, I would do a fun dessert bar. You can put casino themed cupcakes, sugar cookies that look like poker chips, chocolate covered coins, chocolate bars wrapped like money, then just put out some other red and black candies to go with the theme. Your guests will love it!

Look at how cute these cupcakes are and how easy they are to put together!


You always want your party to look the best! If you are hosting a party at a venue where they provide linens, ask if they can provide color linens. If they can then I like the idea of doing either red or black linens with the opposite colored napkin. For example, if you are doing a black tablecloth, use red linen napkins. Sometimes that can get a little pricey though, so the alternative would be using a white tablecloth and asking if they can provide red and black napkins. Getting just the color napkins will save you money. However, if you are doing everything on your own then I would go to the dollar store again and you can find plastic tablecloths for the tables and buy all the plastic ware and paper goods there as well. Then just dress up the tables with the centerpieces and any other extra items you have on hand. Throw a few cards, dice and chips on the tables and scatter them around. Another idea would be to buy some red and black balloons. Place them all around the room. Keep it simple! Your guests will still love it!

You can even buy themed party kits from Party City to make it easy. They even have decor sets to decorate the room with.

Find them here:

Card Box

I hosted a casino themed party for one of my relatives a couple years back and one of my friends came up with the great idea of designing a slot machine for a card box. It was an awesome idea and everyone absolutely loved it. We used cardboard boxes, bought some spray paint and colored paper and made a little lever on the side. We made it look exactly like a slot machine and cut a hole on the top so people could put their cards in. I even put a small bowl of fake coins next to it so people could pretend they were playing! It looked just like the picture below…so easy and fun to make!

Hopefully this sparked some great ideas for you to get started on your casino themed party!