Having a little house party or hosting an office party for Valentine’s Day? Here are some easy ideas to help start your party.

Paper Hearts and Garland I think are a great option and easy to make! All you need is some red, white or pink construction paper, some string, tape and a stapler. Here’s a great tutorial by Posed Perfection for a simple but cute one!

Another great idea is if you have any empty vases or glass bowls, you can fill them with all sorts of valentine’s day candies or red and white marbles. Use them as filler for extra decor on tables or counters. They look great and are something simple and easy to do. Something like this with a cute ribbon around them will cost you barely anything.

Looking for a snack idea? Popcorn is always a crowd hit for parties. I found a great recipe for a valentine’s day popcorn with some candy! Who doesn’t love the sweet and salty mix? It belongs together! Everyone will love it! You can also double this as a little favor for everyone to take home. Put them in small plastic bags with a little bow around them and give them out at the end of the party. Check out the link below for step by step recipe from Two Sisters Crafting.

These are just a few ideas to get you started! Now go do something fun!