The first Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome! Vol 2. was even better! Given that there is some adult comedy in the movie, kids are loving these movies! Having a Guardians of the Galaxy themed birthday party can be just as awesome as the movies! Here are some fun ideas for your next birthday party:

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Kids party invitations are always simple and inexpensive if you aren’t trying to do anything fancy. Most invitations you can find online and either hand write the invite or get printable ones. Party stores will also have them if the movie is current and popular. If you want to make them yourself, I would buy some cardstock and print out a few pictures of the characters. Get creative! I found these on Amazon and thought they were perfect for a kids party.


Balloons are always part of the party. These balloons are perfect! You can use some of these around the buffet table or dessert table. You can also buy some balloon weights and use them as centerpieces for each table as well. Party City has an awesome kit for your guest tables. It comes with the plates, napkins, cups and plastic table cover. All you need to do is buy the matching utensils. Stick with the color theme and use either purple or blue to give it a little color.


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? If you are looking to do everything on your own, baking cupcakes are an easy idea for dessert! Bake both vanilla and chocolate and then use different colors for the frosting. You can find fun ring toppers to put on each cupcake that the kids can take as favors as well. Amazon has them for cheap but I am sure you can find them at any party store as well. If you really want to impress the kids, make the baby Groot cupcakes done by JK Denim from Koalipops. Check out the video on My Recipe.

Fun Stuff for the Kids 

You can always go to the store and buy some cool Guardians of the Galaxy toys and masks. It’s fun to use them for the party and then they can take them home as favors! You can even make your own printable masks for the kids and save a little money on buying the expensive toy ones. Costume Super Center has some awesome printable version masks that are easy to make for your party. Just buy some nice heavy card stock paper to print them on and some long sticks to attach to them. The kids will love them because they can be any character from the movie. Check them out!

Hope these gave you some ideas to start planning for your Guardians of the Galaxy party!