Who doesn’t love tacos?!

This is a fun and easy way to feed a lot of people. I love coming up with menu ideas like this. All I did was put out a huge taco bar full of all sorts of toppings and named them fun Halloween themed names!

I went to the party store and the dollar store to pick up a few things like black platters, plastic table cloth, cauldron bowl, and small Molcajete bowls for sauces. I even found a cute tombstone chalk board that I used on the buffet. I wrote a small rhyme on it but you could also write the menu. Here’s what I wrote: “Grab a Taco if you Dare – Eat it Fast – Have No Fear!”

I used a crockpot to keep the beef hot and the rest of the toppings were put in all the bowls and platters I bought. I made cute little tent card signs for each of the names and people loved them! We had so much fun putting these tacos together.

Here is what I used and the names I called them:

Ground Beef cooked with Taco Seasoning = Mystery Road Kill Meat

Soft Tortillas = Zombie Flesh

Hard Taco Shells = Crispy Dragon Scales

Tostada Shells = Fried Mummy Skin

Refried Beans = Swamp Mud

Shredded Cheese = Worm Intestines

Shredded Lettuce = Graveyard Grass

Sour Cream = Pureed Spiderwebs

Jalapenos = Witch Warts

Red Onion = Bruised Bone Chunks

Taco Sauce = Dracula’s Blood

Guacamole = Frankenstein’s Snot

Chopped Tomatoes = Brain Matter

Have fun with it! This would be an awesome kids or adults party!