Having friends or family over the house to watch Football? Here are some easy ideas that will help you score points in their books!

Every awesome Football Party has to have amazing food. Your typical football tailgating food, chicken wings, burgers, nachos, salsa, cheese, hot dogs, sausages, etc. Anything fried, full of fat and taste is the way to go! Why not display it in something cool though?! These parties are all about having fun and the game of course. Look at this cool Football Snack Stadium though. You can pick it up at Party City or order it online. You can fit so many snacks in this stadium and your guests will love it!

All football parties have drinks too! You can always go to the party store and buy some plastic cups with your teams logo on it. Or you can have fun and make football mason jars. All you need is some white electrical tape to stick to the mason jars and make the football stitches. They are so cute, easy and cheap to make. Here is an easy tutorial done by The Country Chic Cottage. Click on the picture to get started!

Need some decor for the party? Create some fun banners with your teams colors or just footballs and turf. Buy some color construction paper, string, and tape. Decorate your walls or tables with them. You can even buy a green plastic table cloth and use white tape to create the lines. Make your buffet look like a football field. Here are some examples from Love The Day with free printables too. Click on the picture to bring you to the free printables.

Or follow this easy tutorial from A Night Owl on how to create the football field table. Your guests are going to love the decor and think you worked so hard but it was really too easy.

There is no need to spend a ton of money on a small house party. Get creative with stuff you already have or just buy a few things to help you get started. You can have an awesome Football Party without breaking your budget. Have your guests each bring something to the party and contribute. No matter what you will have fun and it will be great! As long as your team wins…right?!