This is one of the hottest topics that families fight over when planning any party. One person wants no kids at the party, the other person wants to invite kids or a family member is telling you that you have to invite certain kids only. How can you make that decision without hurting someone? You just can’t – someone will always be upset over the decisions you make no matter what. There is no winning in this situation. This is just my opinion on how I see the kid situation…

If you are having a family get together that everyone is helping out with – then yes, kids should be invited. It’s a family party, everyone should be together and it shouldn’t really cost too much.

If you are hosting a private party for someone like a surprise birthday or anniversary – this one is tough. It all depends on the money you want to spend. Are you the only one paying for it? Can you afford to have all the kids at the party? Do you want it to just be an adult party?

The same goes for a wedding. Who’s paying for the wedding? Do you want kids at the wedding? Of course, if you already have kids going into the marriage, they will be a part of the wedding. If you don’t have that large of a family, it might be easier to invite the kids and have no one get mad. It’s all about what the bride and groom want. Family and friends should really respect their decision on this one.

Most of the time people want the party to be an all adults party so the adults can have fun and let loose for a night. If you have a family that is just too large, it makes sense not to have kids or set an age limit. It just gets to be too expensive. With my mom having a gigantic extended family, we have all had to set our limits at parties and weddings. We try to stick with 1st cousins only and set an age limit of 16 or older. It works, but people still complain or feelings get hurt.

However, some people don’t like to leave the kids out. If you have a small family, I can easily understand that or even if you are a very family oriented person, like I am, it’s tough. It all depends on the person and the budget you have. You don’t want to kill yourself on the budget because you have to invite the kids. If that is a way to save you money and you are ok with it, then I say cut the kids out unless it is absolutely important to you that they be there.