Who doesn’t love a Mardi Gras themed party? This is a quick and easy party to come up with ideas for. All you need to do are use the traditional colors for everything – purple, green and gold. Go crazy and wild like you would in New Orleans!


How cute and inexpensive are these invitations by Vistaprint? Only $0.39 cents each! They are perfect for any type of Mardi Gras party you are hosting. You could easily make a more simple invitation on your own too. Just use the colors purple, green and gold, put a picture of the fleur de lis and type up your own invitation.

Centerpiece & Favor

The best centerpieces are always the ones that have double use. A fun idea for a Mardi Gras party would be to fill long glass vases with beads and then stick in long masks. You have both a really cool looking centerpiece and masks for everyone to wear! They can take both the beads and masks as their favors as well. Your guests will have so much fun!

Look around at your local Dollar Store for the glass vases, you should be able to find some cheap ones. The beads you could probably find there as well but if not I would recommend Oriental Trading. You can buy both the beads and masks on Oriental Trading for an affordable price. If you wanted to look for mirrors to go under the centerpiece, I would recommend going to your local Home Depot or hardware store. Pick up a pack of mirror tiles, it will save you so much more money!

Check out this easy centerpiece and find everything you need on Oriental Trading here:


Mardi Gras Photo Booth

Another great idea that works perfectly with your masks and beads is a Mardi Gras Photo Booth for your guests. Find a section of the room and create a small space for your guests to take pictures. Buy a few Foil Mardi Gras Fringe Door Curtains from Oriental Trading and hang them up as a background for your pictures. You can also buy extra beads and masks for extra props to take pictures with. Buy some different ones from the ones you are already putting on the tables. You can find some fun extra large beads, feather masks, and even colorful hats. How much fun would this be for your guests? They will love it! Click the picture to bring you to Oriental Trading for everything you need.

This party will be one to remember!