4th of July is coming up! Most people plan a get-together and have everyone over for a big barbecue. Any chance to grill and be outside with friends and family is always the best. It’s the perfect time to celebrate summer! I love to come up with fun themed ideas, especially if it’s as easy as red, white and blue.

Check out these fun ideas I found…

Red, White, and Blue Fruit Skewers

These are so easy to make! Chop up some strawberries & bananas and add some blueberries to the skewers. You can make them as festive as this platter and put them together like the American flag. You can also just make all the skewers the same and just rotate the strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. They are red, white and blue anyway and everyone will enjoy them, especially kids!

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Patriotic Centerpieces 

Flower arrangements are always an easy option for decor. These flower arrangements just require small vases, water, white daisy’s or any white flower of your choice, and some food coloring. I always find cute vases in the Dollar Tree Store that are perfect for these. Just add a few drops of food coloring to the water and you have your red, white and blue theme! Take a look at Today’s Creative Life and check out other ideas.

Fun Napkin Rolls

Everyone always has the standard fork, knife, and napkins out on their buffet. Why not try something fun and unique? Make napkin rolls for your guests with bandanas as their napkins! It’s a great way to add color and do something different than just utensils in a cup. The bandanas and utensils can easily be found at the Dollar Tree Store too! Buy some ribbon or string to tie them up with to add more color. Look at how cute these are by Stylecaster!

Layered Patriotic Drink

This drink can be for both kids and adults. It just depends on what you put in it! *wink wink* It makes for a cool presentation no matter who it is for. In Katrina’s Kitchen posted great instructions on how to make the kid-friendly version. There are also a ton of other recipes online of different versions of this drink. Just find the one you think will be the best and make it! You can always buy mason jars for the cups and find cool straws for them like the picture too. Amazon has a great selection of fun straws to choose from. Hope you enjoy!

Hope some of these ideas got you in the patriotic spirit! Like always – just have fun with your ideas!