Check out these fun ideas for any medical themed graduation party!

  • Prescription Invitations
  • Flask Centerpieces
  • Prescription Refill Candy Bar
  • Test Tube Thank You

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Prescription Invitations:

For an invitation, you can create a cute prescription pad style invite. I always look for ways to do things on my own because buying invitations can get really pricey. For this invite, I typed it up on as a document and found a nice card stock to print it on. You can customize it however you want! Just use the example below and create a simple invite for your next party.

Here’s how I did it:

I customized it to the color of the University which was red. I was able to find an RX picture online to go with the prescription theme then basically just typed the rest of it out. I put the lines in-between to make it look like the prescription pad sections. Then I just printed it out on the card stock. I also created an RX sticker online to seal the envelope with, which adds a cute touch to finish it. You could also buy plain white stickers and print them yourself.

The card stock and stickers you can easily find at any office supply store, craft store or even on Amazon. I bought a plain white invitation set that had envelopes included. Always be on the lookout for coupons too! Most stores or websites offer coupons and discounts you can use for these items! Who doesn’t like saving even more money?

I paid $33.39 for a pack of 100 invitations with envelopes.

I created the stickers on Vistaprint and bought 9 sheets of 24 stickers (216 total) for $36. I bought double the amount of stickers for the thank you’s, which you’ll see later!

That’s only $0.51 cents an invitation!  

Flask Centerpieces:

Of course, all medicine has to do with chemistry! Why not do a unique chemistry flask centerpiece?

There are so many different things you can do with them! I used 3 different sized flasks and filled them with a single red flower and some greens for fluff. I went for a very simple but classy look. You could also fill them with colored beads and water or just fill them with different colored liquids. Just tie a cute ribbon around them and they are good to go!

You can find the flasks online if you do some shopping around and comparing. I found a really good deal on Amazon when buying packs of the different sizes. I bought 3 different sized flasks for each table. I had 10 tables so I needed 10 of each size. I bought 12 packs of each size and just used the extras around the room for decor.

The flowers I got at a local flower shop and cut them down to size for each of the flasks.

3 – 12pks of flasks cost $116.52 total which you can find here:




Flowers cost $55 for 40 stems plus a bunch of greens

That’s $13.84 per centerpiece! I bet you could even beat that if you did the beads with water or just liquids!

Chemistry Flask Flower Centerpiece

Prescription Filled Candy Bar:

This candy bar is full of sweet treats to satisfy any sweet tooth! No waiting in line for this prescription pick up!

I found so many fun ideas to make a candy bar and then just added my own touches to it. I didn’t buy everything for everyone either. I just bought about half the amount of each item. It was really just to give a nice full look to the candy bar.   

Here’s what I did:

  • Happy Pill Bottles
  • Test Tubes
  • Pill Cups
  • Jars/Buckets/Bowls of Misc. Candies

I was lucky enough to start planning this party around Valentine’s Day so all the red candies were out in stores. I waited until after Valentine’s Day and raided all the stores for all the candy that was on the sales rack and got most of it for 50%-75% off. If you are looking for specific colored candies though, you can easily find them online as well. Any party favor web site or specialty candy website carries all sorts of different colored candies. Like I’ve said do some shopping around on Amazon too and you can find these pill bottles, test tubes and pill cups for cheap! Most of the jars & bowls I had hanging around the house or have used on other events. The only thing I had to purchase was the small red buckets (which again I got on sale around Valentine’s Day), the small gift bags to fill with candy and the scoops.

Happy Pill Bottles:

I bought 2 – 25pks of pill bottles for a total of $18.

I also created the stickers on Vistaprint and bought 2 sheets of 48 stickers for $8. (I know – short 2 stickers but I kept those bottles for myself!)

The pill bottles don’t hold much for candy, so I only needed about 10 pills per bottle. 2 bags of M&M’s did the trick and I got them on sale so it only cost me $0.75 cents each. $1.50 total!

That’s $0.55 cents per bottle! Much less than what a prescription cost you today!

Prescription Pill Bottle Favor

Test Tubes:

I got a set of 60 test tubes that came with the small rack to display them in. It cost me $16.41 on Amazon.

I bought Red & White Tic Tac mints to put in each tube. I went to the store and bought 5 packs of red and 5 packs of white which totaled $11.70. The tubes really only held about 7-8 tic tacs each.

Still only cost me $0.46 cents per tube!

Candy Filled Test Tube Favors

Pill Cups:

These were awesome looking all over the table and sooo cheap to do! I got the pill cups online for only $3.02 for 100 cups. I filled them with jelly beans and M&M’s that we had bought and just spread them all over the table. Cost me less than $0.05 cents a cup! How can you beat that?!

Candy Pill Cups

Jars/Buckets/Bowls of Misc. Candies:

As I mentioned before, I had a lot of jars and bowls hanging around that I had used previously. However, you can easily find them at any party store or home decor store. I just got different shapes and sizes and filled them with all sorts of delicious candy! I bought small scoops at the party store, which were only $0.99 cents each. I also made small hand written labels for each candy. I got paper goodie bags for everyone to put their candy in, and they were $20 for a pack of 100 bags.

The candy I purchased mostly in stores when they were on sale. Some of the specialty candies I did buy at the party store but still didn’t spend too much. Total spent on candy was about $40 all together.

When you combine everything – the entire candy bar cost $115.43! For a little over $100, you can seriously wow your guests with this amazing DIY prescription refill candy bar. The best part is your guests get to leave with a bag full of candy that can also double as your favors! That’s $1.15 per person for 100 guests!

Pharmacy Prescription Refill Candy Bar

Test Tube Thank You:

If you are not looking to send out handwritten thank you’s after the event, this is a cute way to still show your thanks! I typed up a nice thank you note from the guest of honor and printed it on white vellum paper to give it that scroll looking feel. I bought a 50pk for $16.79 and used 1 sheet for 2 notes. I printed 2 per page and cut them in half with a decorative edge scissor. I bought the tubes again on Amazon and bought 4 – 25pks for $21.88. The stickers I put on the front of them are the ones I had used to seal the envelopes for the invitations.

Total these cost $0.57 cents each and guests loved them!

Test Tube Thank You

I hope some of these DIY ideas have inspired you to create something fun for your party! Remember to look for the best deals and always try to use coupons and discounts. Don’t just buy the first thing you see – do some shopping around! Your guest won’t be able to stop talking about your event!