If you and your friends are movie buffs, this is a fun party to host! Make it fancy or casual, whatever you feel like. It could be a fun night for everyone to dress up like the celebrities and feel like they are walking the red carpet. Here are some fun ideas and tips for your party:

Planning on sending out an invitation for your party? Send your guests an admission ticket invitation! I found an easy printable version that is perfect!  Download and print out the invites and put them in a black envelope if you can. Your guests will love them! Click the picture to bring you to the site and get started!

Make your guests actually walk the red carpet! Buy a red carpet runner from Oriental Trading or Party City and put it down near your front entrance. If you have a long walkway to your house, that is even better! Even if you have a hallway inside your house, that works as well! You can even buy one of those plastic door covers to make it feel like your guests are really entering a VIP party.

Have everyone over early to eat before the show starts and fill out an Oscar ballot. Create and print out Oscar ballot cards. Type up the categories and nominees and have everyone fill out their own card based on who they think will win. Throughout the show keep score and see who had the most correct answers! Here is a cute version on Hello Little Home:

Every movie party has to have movie snacks right? Create a candy and popcorn bar for your guests. Buy miniature candies that you would typically find at the movies and put them out on a buffet. Make popcorn and put it out in either large buckets, jars, or just put them in small popcorn boxes that you can easily buy almost anywhere. Grab a few different popcorn flavor shakers too for your guests to choose from. They can make their own popcorn and even mix it with candy or nuts. There is nothing better to snack on while watching the show!

You’re also going to need beverages! Soda is perfect for all the movie lovers. You can put it out with the snacks bar and have everyone grab a soda themselves. If you wanted to go really fancy though you could offer champagne. Create cute champagne glasses with bow ties on them to serve to your guests. Look at how cute they are!

Other decor and fun items can also be found on Oriental Trading or Party City. They both have some great packages for all sorts of props, decor, paper goods and Oscar trophies! Give your guests an Oscar trophy on their way out as a favor!


And the Oscar goes to….YOU! For throwing an awesome party!